I Love to Travel Whenever I Get the Chance—These 30 Items Always Come With Me



I love to travel. In 2022, I traveled more than any year before, and now that we're entering 2023, I plan to travel just as much, hopefully more. It's safe to say that my 2023 vision board is filled with images of airplane windows with a view of some glamorous European city peering through, groups of friends holding passports, and lots of travel outfit ideas.

Now with traveling so much comes lots and lots of packing and unpacking, and while I wouldn't necessarily call myself an expert packer I have found some items that make the packing process a little bit easier. I'm talking about packing cubes, convenience kits, and even an herbal supplement that helps with jet lag. I want us all to be living our best jet-setter lives, so I rounded up the best travel items from Amazon, Shopbop, Revolve, and Nordstrom. 

Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.  

I recommend traveling with a garment bag if you're traveling for a special occasion like a wedding. 

The perfect little bag to put all your undies in. 

A sleep mask for the plane or for when you reach your hotel. 

The best way to travel with your brushes. 

My favorite for travel skincare. If you don't have this yet, you need it. 

For those of us who use airplane time to catch up on some sleep. 

Packing cubes for those who love to stay organized. 

This makeup bag is so chic. I don't really need a new one, but I think I have to have this. 

I can't go anywhere without my slippers. 

Because nothing gives me under-eye bags like jet lag.

I swear by these convince kits. They make traveling so easy. 

I don't go anywhere without my glow oil. 

The best leggings ever. You always need a pair when traveling. 

Supplements to help you feel refreshed while traveling. 

If you've never tried a pillow mist, this one is a game changer. 

I have heard so many good things about these sleep gummies.

I always need to make sure I have the right lighting for glam, so this mirror always comes in my carry-on.