5 Lingerie Basics Everyone Needs, According to the Most-Googled Underwear Brand


Tommy John 

As someone who writes dozens of stories per month, I have to constantly keep my eyes and ears peeled for story ideas. I have multiple iPhone notes and Post-it Notes full of rough ideas (some of which I decide are terrible a few days later). As it happens, many of my ideas come to me while I'm researching other stories—as is the case with this one.

As I was looking up the best Google-friendly keywords on Brightedge (a search engine optimization platform) for this underwear story, I discovered that Tommy John underwear gets the highest volume of monthly Google searches compared to every other brand. Impressive, right? It has long been a go-to for men, but I learned that Tommy John recently launched women's pieces as well. Now that I had found my story inspiration, I tapped Tommy John's co-founder and head of merchandising, Erin Fujimoto, to offer her expertise on the five basics every woman should own. Scroll down to see and shop her insightful answers.

1. Bralettes

"Everyone should own at least one bralette in their drawers because it’s often the most comfortable alternative," Fujimoto tells Who What Wear. "That said, the key to finding the right bralette is to make sure it provides both comfort and support. Despite the continued growth in the category, our research showed that the main reason many women were apprehensive to try a bralette is because they didn’t believe it could provide adequate support. As a direct result, we spent two years developing bralettes with built-in power mesh fabric that is virtually undetectable but provides lift, separation, and unparalleled support."

2. Seamless Thongs

"Every woman needs some lightweight, breathable, but above all comfortable thongs that promise to stay hidden under all clothes," Fujimoto says. "Gone are the days of G-stings peeking out from under low-rise jeans. Women need the option of having a super-lightweight option that feels and looks like she’s wearing nothing at all. The Tommy John Air Mesh Thong is our best-selling thong for that reason."

3. Slip Shorts

"According to NPS (survey), approximately 40% of Millennials indicate that majority of their closets consist of what they call 'comfort wear,' yet the shapewear market continues to grow. In true Tommy John fashion, we don’t think you should have to choose between comfort and functionality. Every woman should have some go-to slip shorts she can wear under her dresses that provide optimal coverage for any Marilyn Monroe moments, while protecting against chafing and providing light smoothing functionality without being restrictive."

4. Wireless Bras

"Every woman should have a wireless bra in her wardrobe—they look like an everyday T-shirt bra, but without that pesky metal wire," Fujimoto says. "A wireless bra should feel like you’re wearing a bralette. The introduction of Tommy John Wireless Bras was the direct result of my experience on a 13-hour flight when I was actually woken up from my sleep by a metal wire poking into my ribs. That experience made me rethink the purpose of the metal wire and sought out a more comfortable solution without compromising support. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Wireless is my favorite everyday bra because of the fit flexibility in the fully adjustable and convertible straps as well as the extended four-row hook-and-eye closure." 

5. High-Rise Underwear

"As inseams continue to rise, your underwear should too! Every woman should own a few pairs of high-rise briefs. It’s the fastest-growing silhouette offering we have because it’s not only a super flattering fit, but paired with our super-soft Second Skin fabric, our High-Rise Briefs provide an extremely luxurious wearing experience. Having the rise of your underwear meet the rise of your outerwear also creates a more comfortable wearing experience."