8 Fashion-Editor Secrets for Wearing Heels Comfortably All Day Long

From shoe hacks to this brilliant tip, we’ve covered several pain-free ways to wear heels. But we’ve yet to share our secrets to wearing heels comfortably all day long. So, if long days at the office make you want to ditch heels forever, think again! Our editors have generously spilled their secrets for avoiding and alleviating the pain.

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Tip #1:

“Most blisters come from a friction point where your foot is rubbing against a part of the heels. So how does one reduce these friction points? One way is to wear heels with a thick strap over the top of the foot. The thick strap holds your foot in place better than a typical pump or heeled sandal, which prevents your foot from slipping around and creating spots where the skin is rubbed raw. Essentially, thick straps = fewer blisters!” — Kat Collings

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Tip #2:

"Since wearing heels causes your feet to slide forward, I always make sure my pedicures are short so it doesn't cause extra tension on my toes!" — Nicole Kliest

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Tip #3:

"Working in this industry, I end up running around a lot more than you'd expect. While plenty of time is spent simply sitting at a desk writing, there are also breakfasts, luncheons, cocktail hours, and a plethora of other events I always end up attending. As such, the comfort of my shoes is of the utmost importance. My trick is relatively easy: I stick to what I know works for my feet. Stilettos are a great look, but I have yet to find a pair I can comfortably wear for hours on end—so instead, I reach for mid-height chunky heels that fully support my feet. I leave the stilettos for date nights and other things that I know don't involve a lot of running around—and my feet thank me for it." — Meghan Blalock

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Tip #4:

"Definitely don't wear heels that are too tight or bordering on tight—those will kill by the end of the day. Also, it helps to switch shoes at some point. Even if it’s putting on a different pair of heels, just switching really makes a difference." — Nicole Akhtarzad

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Tip #5:

"I get my heels stretched at a cobbler if they're stiff or a tad small. It's so simple and so effective." — Allyson Payer

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Tip #6:

"To alleviate the pressure while I’m at my desk, I’ll secretly slip my heels out of my shoes to give them a little breather. And I find ways throughout the day to elevate my feet. Even the smallest elevation, like crossing your legs so one foot is up higher than the other helps."— Michelle Scanga

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Tip #7:

“After living in NYC for a few years, you learn fast how to shop for comfortable heels since you're walking from place to place! I've learned that I can totally do a high heel as long as my heel, ankle, and arch are fully supported in the shoe. Chunky heels are great as well as anything caged, lace-up, or with an ankle strap. The dangerous ones are the high, skinny stilettos, which are essentially a balancing act.” — Carson Olivares

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Tip #8:

"For the toughest heels, I sprinkle the bottoms of my feet and any part of the foot that is covered by the shoe with baby powder to soak up any moisture created from the workout of walking in heels—this creates friction so my feet stay in place and thus minimizes blisters. Plus my feet smell a lot better at the end of the day!" — Jessica Schiffer

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