It's a Self-Care Summer: 5 Easy Tips for Staying Grounded and Centered


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Between my work schedule, endless to-do list, and busy social calendar, I can easily get wrapped up in daily chaos and thrown off balance. So I'm declaring it now: It's a self-care summer. This means prioritizing and showing extra love to the most important person in my life: myself.

The key to regaining balance and staying grounded is to embrace the present moment. I'm definitely guilty of being constantly on the go and can forget how beneficial it is to slow down. Doing so has never failed to positively impact my mental and emotional health. Over the years, I've found many tips and tricks that have become my go-to hacks for practicing self-care. From spending time in nature to channeling my inner artist, these are my five favorite remedies to keep myself grounded.

Go Outside


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Spending time outdoors can be as simple as walking around the neighborhood or spending a full day at the beach or park. The sun is an instant mood booster (I'm looking at you, vitamin D), and being in nature is a great way to relax both my mind and body.

Get Pampered


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Creating moments to recharge and reset are essential. I love treating myself to at-home spa treatments followed by much-needed beauty sleep (eight hours minimum). 

Channel Creativity


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Finding ways to cultivate creativity and tap into my inner artist is very grounding and fulfilling. Some of my favorite activities include testing out a new recipe, painting (my nails or a canvas), and getting crafty.

Stay Active


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If there's one thing that helps me get out of my head and into the present moment, it's exercise. Physical and mental health are intrinsically linked, so playing a sport, hitting up a Pilates class, or going on a run can be very cathartic.

Be Mindful


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Practicing mindfulness is easier said than done, but having the right materials to do so makes a huge difference. There are many ways, from aromatherapy to journaling to meditating, to get started.

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