The 2 Best Shoe Brands for Girls With Big Feet

Real talk: If your shoe size is 10.5 or bigger, life can feel hard. Okay, maybe we're being a tad dramatic, but having larger feet means you have way fewer options when shopping IRL.

That said, E! Online editor Raleigh Burgan just narrowed down a few brands that offer shoes in large and wide sizes and don't make you look like you borrowed shoes from the boys. As someone who is "blessed" with big feet, I'll trust her expertise on the subject.

Sam Edelman and Nike are cited for not only carrying larger sizes but also creating the illusion that your feet are smaller than they really are. Bonus: Both brands are more affordable than the designers that stock sizes 10.5 and up in-store. So next time all your favorite J.Crew shoes sell out in a minute flat, check out one of these two brands for a quick fix.

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