The Most Essential Pieces While Traveling for Thanksgiving

Congrats! You managed to buy your flight tickets for your Thanksgiving getaway before prices skyrocketed. Your next thing to consider, whether you're going back home or visiting friends? The items you'll be packing for your travels. After all, they 1) need to fit in my carry-on, 2) must be comfortable, and 3) have to be versatile. Luckily for you, we've created the ultimate Thanksgiving travel capsule wardrobe. From cozy sweaters to leggings to maxi dresses and comfortable shoes, it's all accounted for in the list below. You'll be sure to create a handful of outfits with these items that meet the needs of your holiday trip.

Cozy Sweaters

This is the only item that may snag up a bit more space in your carry-on, but you'll survive. Wear one for your actual travel outfit, and pack the other. You'll be sure to be layering them over your leggings and maxi dresses all holiday long. 


Did you think we wouldn't include leggings? Not only are they the perfect feast-friendly garment, but they're also useful when you want to sneak in your workout. Because balance. 

Maxi Dresses

No matter where you're celebrating Thanksgiving, a maxi dress is the ideal all-in-one outfit that'll keep you looking great and still leave you some room for dessert. Simply throw over one of your cozy sweaters and voila!

The Goes-With-Everything Jacket 

Make sure you take a jacket that goes with everything. From your travel outfit to your grocery run, a trusty jacket will finish off your look nicely and added a layer of warmth.

Comfortable Shoes 

As much as you want to convince yourself that you need five pairs of shoes for your three-day trip, we're here to tell you that you don't. Simply take a chic pair of ankle boots, a pair of sneakers (comfort is key), and an extra pair (because you never know).

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