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TikTok star Tatyana Joseph immediately hooked me with her relatable content and genius beauty tips. Not only does the content creator have the absolute best curly-hair tips, but she also happens to be a master at creating the perfect dewy, glowy makeup look that I strive for every day. Luckily for me, Joseph was kind enough to let me in on a few of her secrets. Normally, I'd expect such sorcery to cost a pretty penny, but you'll be delighted to know that a lot of Joseph's ride-or-die products are under the $30 mark. Whether you're a fan of Joseph or this is the first time you're discovering her content, she has great advice for anyone and everyone who's into makeup and haircare. Keep reading for all her wisdom.

Joseph's Best Beauty Tips


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Joseph has a few tried-and-true makeup looks she says always work for her. "My three favorite looks are probably my gym/quick morning look, my natural-glow look, and my full 'coming to take your man' look," she says.

For her morning look, she likes to keep it light with some mascara, filled-in brows, a little blush, and some pink lip gloss. For a next-level (but totally natural-looking) glow, she uses concealer under her eye area and dabs a bit on areas she wants to brighten or highlight. Then, she goes in with a contour product a few shades darker than her skin tone but skips the foundation. As a final touch, she'll add something sparkly to her lids to really enhance the glow. She shares, "For for the last look, that's where I go all out. Anything you can imagine to go all out with [in terms of] makeup, I do. But I usually only do this when I have somewhere very, very fancy to go or if I'm just in the mood. Best believe, though, the lashes come out for that look!"

Joseph also has some pretty amazing curls. She shares a ton of knowledge and hacks on her YouTube channel regarding her hair, but she decided to reveal a few tips here as well—I'm taking notes. "I always preface these [tips] by saying that this is what works for me, and if it doesn't work for you, then you're one step closer to finding what does! I noticed the most [hair] growth when I was getting my scalp cleaned and my ends trimmed more often, she says. "Find a line of products that make it easier for you to do your hair, and find a way to have more fun doing your hair. Taking care of it does become a task, and having the right tools on your side will make your life so much easier. Try to not keep product in your hair for more than four days. Have a weekly wash schedule that isn't as deep as your wash day but allows some way for your scalp to breathe and your head to be cleaned of all residual product that eventually just builds up and blocks your scalp from doing what it has to do to grow properly."

Take a peek below for even more of Joseph's beauty hacks along with her all-time favorite products.

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(Image credit: @josephnica)

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