Here's How a Fashion Girl Spends Under $100 at Target

Target is a magical place, plain and simple. You can find anything you’ve ever wanted (and things you never knew you needed). Printed bikinis for a last-minute getaway? You got it. Cute activewear you swear will motivate you to work out? Obviously. But the best section is the beauty aisle. There’s skincare (hi, Bliss!), makeup, must-have tools, and haircare, as well as too-cute-to-say-no-to mini products for that trip you don’t have planned (yet).

Since there are legitimately so many temptations and things to buy, we can’t help but want to see what others stock their carts with. Thankfully, It girl Morgan Brown didn’t find this nosy at all and is sharing everything she bought during her most recent Target haul. And even better, everything adds up to $100, and each product is a must-have if you really want to soak up the last month of summer. So go ahead and add them to your cart—we won’t tell (promise!).

Summer brings a lot of wonderful things (like warm weather and beach days!), but it can also be super damaging for skin if you’re not using the right protection. This toner is made with watermelon extract, electrolytes, and willow bark to refresh tired-looking skin by getting rid of toxins and buildup. “The formula is lightweight and refreshing, and it keeps my skin looking its best,” says Brown.

Does a perfect razor even exist? This five-blade Flamingo one sure comes close. It features a weighted, ergonomic handle that gives a super-close, super-smooth shave, says Brown.

We love the sun, but man, is it drying. Aside from being the perfect shade of Millennial Pink, this gel-based hydrator does the trick. “It’s super lightweight and moisturizing, and doesn’t leave my pores clogged,” says Brown. “In fact, it actually improves the appearance of my skin by smoothing its texture and making it glow.”

We’re always on the hunt for effective deodorants that are aluminum- and paraben-free, and this one is long-lasting (ideal for New York summers, says Brown), and smells tropical and sweet.

This watermelon-scented overnight mask creates a nutrient-rich veil over skin to help bring it back to life. “I’m going to incorporate it into my routine two to three times a week to help de-stress and rehydrate my skin,” explains Brown. Massage a thick layer onto clean dry skin, let it dry, and then go to bed! In the morning, wake up, rinse it off, and enjoy your refreshed complexion.

You know what they say—beauty starts from within, and these vitamins are proof. They’re made with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and sea buckthorn, all of which help hydrate the skin, giving it a dreamy glow. “Skin supplements are great for maintenance, especially during the summer, as they help keep skin plump and smooth on the outside while giving your cells the hydration it needs on the inside,” explains Brown.

Did you really think this summer haul wasn’t going to include sunscreen? This one is SPF 50, and is lightweight, invisible, and absorbs right into skin, explains Brown. It also provides serious protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays while enriching skin with vitamin E—a must-have you’ll always find in Brown’s purse.