The Wedding Ring Secret That Actually Shocked Me

About a month ago during one of our brainstorm meetings, we (we being the New York–based Who What Wear team) were on the subject of wedding stories when one of the women at the table brought up a truly fascinating fact previously unbeknownst to me: A lot of women take off their engagement rings for job interviews. I’m not married, so perhaps this factors into why I had never heard of this practice, but after spending several minutes barraging this colleague with questions of why, I felt like I had gotten a strange peek into the weird psychology behind the way wearing fine jewelry can be interpreted. Whether it was because they felt that it offered too much information about their household salary or could give the impression they were someone who would be taking maternity leave in the near future, the whole thing was not only interesting but also, admittedly, a little infuriating.

After the meeting, I knew this was too much of a hot topic to let go, so I called upon married women as well as a human resources director to get further (anonymous) insight on the topic. Scroll down to read firsthand testimonies on the subject and shop some beautiful engagement rings along the way (yes, you can buy one even if you’re not engaged!). Also, be sure to leave your opinion about taking off or leaving on an engagement ring during interviews in the comments.