This 2018 Swimsuit Trend Just Rose From the Dead

What do you call a bathing suit that's not quite a one-piece but not a bikini either? A tankini, of course. You used to wear one during the good ol' days when your mom was still prohibiting you from wearing a bikini but you were obviously way too cool for a one-piece. Tankinis were the saving grace of your youth, and it's time to pay a tribute to them.

Solid & Striped, the holy grail of fashion-girl swimwear, dropped a few surprisingly forward swimsuit trends for 2018, including these nostalgic tankini-like bikinis, many variations of belted swimwear, and the cutest high-rise bikinis on the market. However, the tankinis stuck out among the rest for their valiant return and the sweet nostalgia they brought us.

Whether you're into high-rise bottoms or cheeky briefs, there's bound to be a tankini suit in the Solid & Striped collection fit for your chicest summer ever. You heard it here first, folks—tankinis are back.

Go on to shop the tankinis available at Solid & Striped.