I've Seen These 3 Sunglasses Trends on Almost Every Fashion Person

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Picture this: It's sunny out. You're at the beach or on your rooftop or maybe in the desert hanging out by the pool. There's ice clinking in your drink and music playing in the background… You've made it. It's summer 2021. I can promise you that wherever you are, you have a pair of sunglasses on. So if you happen to be in the market for some new shades and you're as excited about new-season accessories as I am, please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the eyewear trends the fashion set is coveting right now.

Let me tell you: Fendi eyewear is having a moment. The Italian fashion house is always a leader in the accessory category, paving the way for many trends and iconic moments invariably doused with some hint of those retro-inspired Fendi vibes that add up to looking effortlessly cool. I'm super pumped about the brand's new styles and would go so far as to say that this season's selection may be the best yet. It's been generating buzz since the moment it was spotted on the runway and immediately screenshotted on phones everywhere. Now that they're finally shoppable, here are the top three eyewear trends to know about before summer hits.

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A refresh on the traditional aviator style, this flat-top silhouette was a showstopper on the runway during Fendi's S/S 2021 presentation. Since their debut, I've seen the statement frames, particularly the much-talked-about mirror-effect FF logo, popping up on social media from some of my favorite follows, but please don't sleep on the cool blue lenses. (They really do deserve your attention.) The flattering oversize shape is proving more and more of a must-have with the fashion set the deeper we go into warm weather, so if you're into making a statement with your accessories alone, these shades are for you.

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Personally, I think you can do no wrong with chunky acetate-framed eyewear. What I love about this season's options from Fendi is the multitude of complementary tones they come in and how they're always accented with the gold Fendi logo and on-trend gradient lenses. Channel your inner '70s siren with a pair of buttery-caramel-colored frames or add a pop of color with a minty green pair. Me? I'm going for black, but this summer is your oyster, and your choice of sunglasses should match the mood you're in.

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If you just couldn't quite get on board with the early-'00s eyewear trends that dominated the past couple of years, I have great news: The pendulum has swung away from the sunglasses that were seemingly growing teenier every season, and this summer, I'm pleased to announce that big is back, and the wider the better. Fendi's Baguette silhouette does it best, with square oversize frames that pay homage to the cool, glam kids of the early '70s, and I'm here for it. Feel free to take this chic selection of tinted lenses as an invitation to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. If there ever was a summer for optimism, this has to be it.

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