Everyone's Talking About Sunday Riley's Newest Launch—Here's Our Verdict



Sunday Riley is like the Katy Perry of skincare—creative, playful, colorful, high-performance, and consistently releasing hit after hit after hit. We already know masses of skincare-loving consumers fawn over the brand's collection of majestic jars and bottles, and we're big fans here at WWW Beauty HQ as well (which is telling since we're unashamedly skeptical when it comes to pretty much every skincare brand, product, and lofty claim). However, exciting launch after exciting launch, Sunday Riley continues to impress. So much so we decided to review a slew of its most iconic products a few months ago (a worthwhile read you can check out here).

With the changing of the seasons comes the need for a skincare routine overhaul, and product launches reach an overwhelming peak right around, well, now. Aside from Sunday Riley's collection of beloved face oils such as Luna, C.E.O. Glow, Juno, and U.F.O., up until a few weeks ago, the brand only had two other moisturizers: the cult-loved water cream, Tidal ($65), and the special brightening elixir, C.E.O. ($65). But now, the brand has blessed us with a new ice cream–inspired face healer called Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream ($65). It's Sunday Riley's thickest, richest formula yet, thus a shoo-in for solving all our soon-to-be dry-winter-skin woes. Or is it? 

Steeped with complexion-protecting ceramides (a popular ingredient we've been seeing a lot of recently), the indulgent formula also boasts strategic moisturizing additions like vitamin F, coconut extract, beetroot, and pomegranate sterols. Together, the concoction works to efficiently feed the skin with resilient, long-lasting hydration while supplementing the skin's natural moisture barrier to help stave off potential environmental stressors. It's rich but disarmingly featherlight for such a heavy-duty cream, and the brand promises even the most sensitive, driest complexions will be left moisturized, glowing, and baby-smooth. So, of course, we had to try it ourselves. Keep scrolling for our honest reviews, plus six more of our top product picks from Sunday Riley.

Skin type: Combination

Current nighttime moisturizer: Dr. Roebuck's No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer ($45)

The review: Whoa, this cream is thick. The smell and consistency remind me of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter my mom would slather all over my dry skin as a kid, so from a nostalgic standpoint, I love it. My skin was definitely plump and glowy after applying, but I have a feeling I’d get some clogged pores if I used it morning and night, as the directions suggest. Overall, I think it will come in handy to help combat dry skin this winter, but it's probably best to use on an as-needed basis—not every day.

Skin type: Sensitive, acne-prone

Current nighttime moisturizer: Ayurmedic Clearifying Cream ($54) or Renée Rouleau Sheer Moisture Lotion ($42)

The review: I'll be honest; I love Sunday Riley, but I had some serious doubts about this thick, buttery face cream. Even though I have super-tiny pores, they're deep and ridiculously quick to clog. I steer clear of heavy creams and oils like the plague, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried that one application of Ice would leave me with a brand-new mountain range of zits. The brand says this face cream is intended for normal to dry skin types, and based on the body butter–esque consistency, I believe it.

First things first, this cream smells amazing. I totally agree with Courtney that it smells deliciously similar to Palmer's but a little less intense and definitely more natural. Fear not: It doesn't have that overly cloying or fake coconut or vanilla scent. So that's a win! Second, the claims are true—this cream pacifies dry, chapped skin in one velvety swoop. As someone with more acne-prone skin, I would only be able to use something this heavy once in a while or when traveling to supremely cold or dry destinations, but I can't argue with the fact that it's lovely, unbelievably hydrating, and likely a dream come true for anyone who's perpetually dry. In fact, it's so luxurious that I might use it exclusively on my neck, chest, arms, and any other super-parched areas since I fear it's a little too heavy for everyday use on my complexion. As a testament to its moisturizing abilities, I slathered it on my always-dry elbows (seriously, they're gross and nothing works on them long-term), and the next day they were as soft and smooth as cashmere. So yes, this face cream is fantastic, you'll just need to tread carefully and use your best judgment depending on your skin type. 

Shop Our Other Favorites From Sunday Riley

Meet Sunday Riley's best-selling serum for a clear, glowing complexion. It's infused with pore-clearing ingredients such as lactic acid, licorice, lemongrass, and prickly pear to help transform your complexion overnight. 

This C-spiked brightening serum never fails to earn us tons of random compliments on our "glowing" skin. (Seriously, I've been stopped at the grocery store.) It's lightweight, illuminating, and full of vitamins, antioxidants, and skin-refining glycolic acid. 

preach about the magic of this under-eye cream. It truly transforms the look of a dull and shadowy under-eye, and it's my product life jacket whenever I've had a night of tossing and turning instead of restful beauty sleep. Caffeine, cumin, ginseng, horse chestnut, acmella oleracea, and a pretty little hit of mica work in tandem to lift, tighten, hydrate, and brighten. Magic in a bottle, my friends. 

If you're in the market for a no-bullshit cleanser, Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip is a must. Composed of French green clay, Moroccan Rhassoul clay, neroli, and vitamin C, it's mild enough to be safe and comforting for sensitive, irritation-prone skin types but effective enough to purify and deep-clean pores with expert efficiency. Skin is left smooth, soft, and glowy.

Pimples are simply no match for this strategic sulfur mask from Sunday Riley. You've been warned: It does smell a bit strong, but that stinky sulfur is what's killing and preventing breakouts in their tracks. It also has a helpful dose of skin-brightening niacinamide and oil-zapping zinc PCA for good measure. 

Last but not least, this skin-friendly retinol formula is one of our ride-or-die secrets for bright, smooth, alarmingly clear skin. Unlike so many formulas with high doses of retinol on the market, this one is gentle enough to be used every day and plays well with your other favorite products. However, if you're super sensitive, the brand recommends you apply an oil or moisturizer to your complexion prior to applying your two to three pumps of A+. 

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