The Under-$100 Party Dress All My Friends Are Asking to Borrow

Not to toot my own horn, but I will readily admit how pretty darn skilled I am when it comes to finding last-minute dresses for summer parties. Weddings are my forte. The challenge of finding the perfect frock that suits the dress code, weather, activities, and location is thrilling. Especially when I have to do it under pressure, i.e., three days before the event and with a limited budget. (Hey, we all have our thing.)

I recently did some of my best sartorial work when I was confronted with a chic, garden party–themed Palm Springs wedding a few weeks ago. Adamant to keep my budget to under $100 this time around (because there have been a lot of weddings this year), I discovered a little-known brand at Nordstrom that provided me with just the right balance of romantic ruffles, bold colors, and a flattering silhouette. Not to mention it offers a budget-friendly price and expedited shipping! (I also delight in the fact that it resembles the woman dancing emoji.) A fashion victory if there ever was one.

At the wedding, the dress garnered plenty of compliments, and several friends have already asked to borrow said dress for their upcoming summer soirées. Shop the dress below, plus more of my summer favorites for under $100.

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