I Just Found 6 Easy-to-Wear Items Under $45—Here's How to Style Them

With the first day of summer creeping up (it's marked on my calendar, of course), I've been incorporating some of my usual warm-weather suspects, like tank tops and slide sandals, back into my wardrobe. But now that the season is officially here, it's finally time to start dressing like it.

Summer naturally lends itself to effortless outfits, but this year more than ever, I'm looking for ones that are undeniably classified as low maintenance. Enter my chic co-worker and fellow editor Jasmine Fox-Suliaman. Her outfits always exude that cool New York–girl vibe (my fave), plus she's got that effortless-outfit thing down to a fashionable science. At the moment, she's been wearing a ton of great affordable finds she's discovered at Walmart. I really don't think I need to offer any further convincing, I'll let these outfits speak for themselves.

Jasmine may seem like a true New Yorker (she fooled me), but her style has actually evolved while living in the city for the past several years. "Before moving to New York, my friends always joked that my style was meant for peak summertime. And while fall and winter in the city have led me to gravitate toward blacks, nudes, leather, and knits, my summer wardrobe typically takes on a lighter approach." Case in point: this breezy, lightweight dress paired with canvas sneakers. (Bet you didn't know Walmart sold Keds.)

Dresses easily make for the most low-maintenance summer outfits (not to mention they're the quickest to put together) yet never look it. I know Jasmine agrees because she's already worn this one multiple times since purchasing earlier this month. "I’m obsessed, and frankly, the amount of compliments and DMs I’ve gotten proves I’m not the only one," she says. "The fabric is so soft. I was truly blown away by the quality of it, and I couldn’t wait to wear it." And for $32? It's really hard to beat.

A close up of the sleeves (you're welcome) and that bag texture because both are too good not to share.

I wasn't surprised when Jasmine told me her fashion motto is to dress in what makes her feel good, so her daily outfits have stayed pretty consistent while sheltering in place. For example, she says she'd wear this denim outfit even if she had literally zero plans to see anyone or do anything. "Sandals are still what I’m slipping into if I’m feeling myself," she says. I'm surprised this strappy pair from Scoop hasn't sold out because they're so classic and so affordable. Aren't you?

As for the jeans, they had to fit Jasmine's three denim qualifications: great quality, high-rise, and a loose mom-inspired fit. "I find that this type of denim is best for comfortably moving around the city during the summer months," she says and also points out that this pair is ideal for rolling up to show off your shoes du jour.

The last, but arguably most important piece of this outfit, is this gorgeous lime top. My favorite element is the on-trend scrunch details, but Jasmine's is the versatility. "The top can be worn as a puff-sleeve top or off the shoulders," she points out. All the more reason to buy this in one or two or three (don't judge!) of the colors it comes in.


A ribbed knit tank you'll wear weekly (if not more).

This lightweight dress is perfect for those 90-degree days.

This sneaker is similar to those Keds above but has a comfortable scrunch detail in the back.

I told you that lime top came in other great colors.

This lace-detail top is another favorite.

The chain detail makes this bag look way pricier than it is.

Another great pair of high-waist denim for summertime.

For when you want to switch up your dress outfits for something just as easy.

Ruffle skirts are a fun summer trend that's super easy to pull off.