These 20 On-Trend Fashion and Beauty Buys Have Us 100% Ready for Summer

This is not like me, but I am truly ready to get a little experimental with my outfits and beauty looks this summer. Specifically, I'm adding dresses (and I mean tons of dresses) into my wardrobe rotation and incorporating color into my makeup routine—and that's just to start. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to revamp my closet and makeup bag this season. If you're looking to do the same, I think you'll want to keep reading.

As a fashion editor, I've mastered the art of scouring the internet for hours to narrow down the best of the best, and after flipping through this season's new arrivals at Macy's, I can confidently say that you really don't want to miss its fashion and beauty selection. Whether you're searching for your summer wardrobe or hunting down new skincare trends, you're sure to find something that speaks to you.

I also have some very stylish friends, who conveniently have a knack for pulling off looks without spending a fortune. So I asked them to share how they're dressing for the season, how they're updating their beauty routines, and their top picks from Macy's that are helping them get ready for summer. Take a little inspo from these four fashion insiders and what they're bookmarking for the season. 

What are your top three summer dressing tips?

1. Choose fabrics that will help beat the heat.
2. Try a new fun color you’ve never worn before.
3. Add fun and versatile accessories (scarf, hair clip, brooch) to dress up summer looks.

What modifications do you make to your beauty routine in the summer? What’s different about your skincare routine? 

I’ve added glowy face oil and hydrating mist. I love having my skin bare but ensuring it looks fresh and vibrant. 

Lavender is the pop of color you didn't know you needed this summer.

I suggest going for a pair of baggy shorts that you can dress up or down with a swap of your top. 

Strappy sandals in stark white are the perfect non-color staple in a summer wardrobe. 

Your makeup routine just got easier.

Start your day with a spritz of this essence for a refreshing glow.

What are you top three summer dressing tips?

1. Keep it light. There's nothing worse than wearing the wrong fabric on a warm day. I always opt for cotton, linen, or something along those lines.

2. Don't be afraid of color. This is the year of bright, fun hues, and I'm embracing them even though my closet is typically full of black, white, and beige. Whether it's in your shoes or dresses, it's worth a try.

3. Find one good layer. I wish L.A. were just warm 100% of the time, but it's not, especially in May and June. I always find one good sweater that I can layer over things in the mornings before the sun really starts to do its thing.

What modifications do you make to your beauty routine in the summer? What’s different about your skincare routine?

Welcome to my life, SPF everything. While it's also part of my winter routine, SPF in my summer routine is next-level. I want it in my moisturizer, my lipstick, my blush—the whole thing.

Pink additions to your dresses are the way to go this summer, and I'm here for this bubblegum-pink gingham print.

Really into the baby-blue sandals Anna has in her bag.

This SPF has a five-star rating for a reason. It's a fan favorite that deserves a spot in your skincare routine.

This deodorant is formulated without aluminum or parabens plus some other banned ingredients, so you can feel good about staying fresh this summer.

What are your top three summer dressing tips?

1. I find minimal and daintier accessories are most functional for the summer season. Summer days can get hot and sticky, and wearing chunkier-style jewelry can start to feel uncomfortable out in the summer heat. (I’m always striving for comfort with my outfits.)

2. Because I minimize my accessories in the summer, I love wearing dresses to have that “she put time into getting ready” feel. Dresses are the easiest outfits. You don’t have to worry about pairing a top with a bottom (and going through way too many items in your closet during the process).

3. Since dresses are the main focus of my summer outfits, I recommend flowy dresses for comfort. Dresses with more flow offer more of a breeze on the skin!

What modifications do you make to your beauty routine in the summer? What’s different about your skincare routine?

During the summer, I put on a lot less skincare and makeup. I like to wear a light day cream and only up to two drops of oil. I also lighten my makeup to a CC cream, bronzer, highlighter and mascara, and I step away from foundation and concealer. Less is more in the summer!

A classic to hang out by the pool in.

This bracelet is perfect for stacking with other dainty gold chains. 

A luxe mud mask that will make you feel like you spent the day at a spa. 

Fans of this classic perfume know it smells exactly like an early morning at the beach.

What are your top three summer dressing tips?

1. Anklets!

2. Anklets!

3. Anklets!

What modifications do you make to your beauty routine in the summer? What’s different about your skincare routine?

Over summer, I'm particularly averse to anything on my skin that I'm aware is there, so just really lightweight, dewy moisturizers are my fave. I've also recently discovered the genius of adding subtle self-tanning drops to my moisturizer, and I highly recommend it. Summer is also my favorite time to experiment with poppy nail colors. Although, I'm doomed to chip my fingernails immediately, so this is strictly on my toes.

I love that this dress is casual but can be worn to a nice dinner al fresco this summer with a swap of your shoes.

The same goes for this top. Wear it with jeans and sandals during the day and a pair of heels for the evening.

If I took anything from Natalie, it's that anklets are the accessory of summer 2021.

A pop of red on your nails is as classic as it gets.

With over 1000 five-star ratings, this primer will give you that dewy, moisturized look Natalie was talking about.

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