5 Basics That Are Defining My Post-Pandemic Style (and How I'm Wearing Them)

As some of us are navigating a post-lockdown world, it feels like we are coming out of a long hibernation. Who am I? Where am I? What do I wear? While I can’t answer the first two questions for you, I can certainly guide you through some of my favorite outfit basics to get you from couch to street. In the past year, basics have come to hold a newly important role in my wardrobe, as I'm sure they have for you, and while I'm excited to step out of my sweatpants again, I don't have any plans to leave certain other staples in the dust.

In fact, there are five basic pieces that I fully plan on living in this summer and since we're getting into the swing of all things warm-weather dressing, I figured I'd share my list and how I'm wearing them to hopefully inspire your summer wardrobe. Whether it be the types of jeans that are easing me back into, you know, actually wearing jeans or the 2020 loungewear trend I'm taking into 2021 with me, let the below guide be your list of go-to summer basics as they are for me.

Lived-In Denim

Classic denim jeans have always been one of my favorite basics. The shapes I'm leaning into right now are versatile, comfortable, and not too much of a jump after wearing loungewear religiously. (Looking at you, stretch jeans and loose shapes.)

Luxe Cardigans

If spring weather is being weird where you live, hopping around between days of summer heat and evenings of winter chill, then the cutest way to be prepared for these changes is with a luxe cardigan. Best of all, you can tie it around your waist or neck when you don't need it for warmth.

Crisp Button-Up Shirting

In my opinion, the best way to style up a rad pair of jeans is with an understatedly cool top. I love sprucing up basic button-up shirts by tying them or tucking them in different ways.

Matching Knit Sets

Still reticent to leave all of your 2020 loungewear behind? No worries. There are some amazingly cool loungewear pieces that can take you from WFH to the street seamlessly. Why not try a matching set or hot shorts so that you can get moving?

Basic Tanks

Last, if you are blessed with brilliant weather this spring where you live, why not opt to get those limbs out? After all, vitamin D is a brilliant mood booster. I love these basic and pared-down tanks for a chic take on spring.