What a Street Style Photographer Looks for in an Outfit

Considering the fact that we love street style immensely here at Who What Wear headquarters, it only makes sense that we’ve long wondered what it is about an individual that appeals to street style photographers. Is it all to do with the outfit? What about confidence? Their walk?

With all of these questions in mind, we reached out to some of the best photographers in the world to fill us in on the subject. Whether you're hitting the shows this fashion week or simply looking for expert advice from behind the camera, there's a little something for everyone to learn. 

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“It’s not easy to explain, but for me it’s closer to a subconscious reaction rather than a choice. I see someone who carries themselves in a certain way, which somehow strikes me. It’s not often that I react to Oh wow, new Louis Vuitton boots and start shooting. It’s not about the item or even the outfit, but more of the aura of the person. The look is often quite simple, but the lighting is great or the wind picks up and blows open the coat. It’s a combination of many stimuli that all come together and spark some brain cell, and then I press the shutter.” — Adam of Le 21ème

“I enjoy taking photos of people who I think are well dressed and have great style or character. During fashion month, this can be anyone from editors to models or bloggers on the street. Confidence and a good attitude help a lot; it translates to a good image. Some trends that I expect to photograph this season include frayed-hem jeans as well as all sorts of tops, jackets, [and] sweaters with details at the back.” — Daniel of The Urban Spotter

“It’s not about the outfit, but mostly about the person wearing the outfit. For me, it’s more about person’s attitude and how cool they look in their clothes.” — George of Shot by Gio

“Fashion week is so crazy—I feel like I try to pick out isolated moments that other photographers miss. For me, one of the biggest challenges is getting unique shots. I generally go for something that catches my eye.” — Mark Iantosca

“I look at the silhouette of an outfit and the different textures one is wearing. It’s important that someone is confident in what they are wearing. It is not necessarily about the trends, colors, or being flashy but ultimately being timeless, unique, and chic.” — Melodie Jeng

“There are a few things that I’m looking for—and this all happens quickly—so you’re operating a bit more on a subconscious/instinctual level, rather than a conscious ticking of boxes. 1. Girls who know that it’s all about the mix—high/low, designer/vintage, and especially girls who know how to mix an attention-grabbing piece or two with more subtle pieces. Done right, the photographers will think that they’ve ‘discovered’ you and your subtle yet eye-catching style! 2. Girls who have a knack for being a season (or two) ahead of the trends. 3. Physical attractiveness absolutely plays a part, and it would be disingenuous not to acknowledge this.” — Eddie of Mr. Newton

“One of the joys of shooting street style during fashion month is photographing models: I absolutely love to see the hair and makeup fresh from the runway combined with a cute outfit, even if it is just boyfriend jeans and a turtleneck sweater. My idea of photographic bliss!” — Vanessa Jackman

“I’m shooting to inspire my readers. Street style forms a bridge between the runway looks and what’s available in the stores. I want to show real-life applications of future and current trends, exciting combinations, colors, and fabrics and bring daily inspiration for the fashion enthusiast.” — Acielle of Style du Monde

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Opening Image: Style du Monde

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