Your Favorite Stranger Things Star Just Reached Peak Style Goals

Done binging season two of Stranger Things? Then you know that Joe Keery's character Steve Harrington surprised viewers with his newly softened heart and selfless actions throughout the entire nine-episode emotional whirlwind. Yes, a new favorite character is definitely on the rise. (Sorry, Dustin.) Not quite convinced? One look at Keery's photo shoot with GQ may have you thinking otherwise. We aren't quite sure what's happening in Hollywood at this exact moment, but as of late, it seems like all of our favorite male television stars have been serving it up in the style department—and we definitely aren't complaining.

In this shoot, you'll have the pleasure of seeing Keery wearing Prada, Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Acne Studios, and more, with each look falling further in alignment with this season's hottest trends than the next. Stranger Things plus some of the biggest designers in the industry? What's not to love?

Go on to see our favorite images from Stranger Things star Joe Keery's stylish photo shoot with GQ.

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