Ah, Spring: Time to Mix and Match Trends to Your Heart's Content

When it comes to spring style, we all may be looking forward to the same thing—namely, peeling off all those suffocating layers and scoping out new-season wares at Bloomingdale’s—but the actual trends we incorporate into our new-season looks tend to depend on the specific style tribe we’ve pledged our undying, or at least generally unwavering, allegiance to. (You, for instance, may flinch at the sight of my slime-green turtleneck; I get it, but you’re wrong.)

Seriously, though, we understand and encourage this—variety being the spice of life—and have thusly decided to deliver your spring style forecast by way of two very cool, very different women we think of as mix masters, thanks to their ability to seamlessly pull trends together. On the West Coast, we rang up fashion influencer Jill Wallace of Little Black Boots, who can always be counted on for sleek, forward looks that radiate California cool, and in New York City, we tapped fashion and travel blogger Olga Slesarenco of All Bueno Things, who favors elegant looks with a boho edge.

Both were nice enough to indulge me, answering all of my Very Important Questions, like whether it’s possible to overdo it with animal prints (Jill’s answer: “Honestly, you can go HAM”), and the pop-culture reference points guiding their spring style vibes (for Olga, it’s Blake Lively’s fabulously suited character from A Simple Favor—excellent choice). And with some help from Bloomingdale’s, they also delivered six seriously good spring looks that seamlessly blend the season’s must-try trends and nail that high-low mix we’re always after. And with that, I now present you with Exhibit A…