Meet One of the Coolest Girls We Know (and Her Insanely Stylish Crew)
Meet One of the Coolest Girls We Know (and Her Insanely Stylish Crew)

Meet One of the Coolest Girls We Know (and Her Insanely Stylish Crew)

It turns out getting up and going into the office every morning is a lot more fun when you’re surrounded by some of your favorite people. (Who knew?) That much was apparent when we recently got the chance to spend a full workday with Revolve’s chief brand officer, Raissa Gerona (our perpetual Instagram crush), and her crew of ridiculously smart, ridiculously fun women here in Los Angeles.

Over the past couple of years, Raissa has assembled a veritable super team she practically considers family. There’s Angeli “Gel” Gerona, her actual sister, Revolve’s operations events manager; Justine “Coco” Cuenco, the brand’s content creator, who she met via IG; Alyssa “Lyss” Rara, talent and VIP relations manager; and Charina “Char” Scott, brand marketing manager. And as you might imagine, all five arrived looking cool as hell, from their perfectly coiffed heads down to their Keds-clad feet. (The brand’s sneakers are made for women by women, and offer the perfect blend of style and comfort, two things Raissa and co. keenly appreciate.)

Each member of the team brings a unique skill set (and wildly differing coffee order) into the mix, Raissa tells us: “Angeli is so organized, and gets me and the team super-dialed-in. Justine is content queen and has the best ideas and eye for all things social and content. Charina is so good at connecting with people and building partnerships together. And Alyssa gets the best talent, artists, models, and celebrities to our events, trips, and activations. They do it all, and I’m so grateful for them!”

After a truly delightful day on set with all five of the Revolve tastemakers, we sat down with Raissa (fondly referred to as “boss lady” by the rest of her team) for some insights on what it’s like to work with some of your best friends, how exactly Revolve manages to produce such good content (hi, we’d love a #REVOLVEAroundtheWorld invite next time, y’all), what she looks for when making a new hire, and which sneakers she’ll be styling into all her spring looks…


Raissa Gerona and the Revolve team in their Keds sneakers and robes


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Pictured, from left to right: Anjeli in her Keds Champion Tie-Dye ($45); Raissa in her Keds Champion Originals ($40); Coco in her Keds Champion Originals Leather ($50); Char in her Keds Champion Originals ($40); Lyss in her Keds Champion Spring Solids ($45)

We were hearing on set from your friends and sister how you have this way of recognizing great women and finding ways to bring them into your Revolve family. Did you consciously decide to try and cultivate this kind of work environment, and how do you think you did this?

That’s such a great compliment! I never consciously cultivated this, but I’m always a supporter and cheerleader of anyone who’s doing their thing, living their best life, and working hard for what they want in life. These are words I practice in my own life, so maybe that’s how I’ve been able to attract such great women in my life! We speak the same language!

How do you put your ladies first?

By giving them love and support! We have to be nicer to each other. This is how we can put each other first. No judgements—just be nice and have empathy for your sisters.

How does fashion play a role in empowering you in your day-to-day?

Fashion is an incredible way to express yourself. When I have on the right outfit, I feel super confident—almost like I can do anything! Fashion allows me to dress my mood, whether I need to dress up for a board meeting or wear my favorite sundress on vacation or wear super-comfortable shoes like my Keds running around doing errands.

Raissa Gerona of Revolve in her Keds sneakers


Who What Wear

Pictured: Raissa in her Keds Champion Originals ($40)

Tell us about the first time you felt like you “made it.”

There have been so many moments! Whether it was jumping off a boat on a #REVOLVEaroundtheworld trip, or the first time I ever flew business class, or looking around and seeing the team I helped build—there are too many to count. The “made it” feeling comes often because I’ll never forget where I came from, and the time and work it’s taken to get to where I am today.

So with such a hectic job, how do you balance family? You’re clearly very close to your sister; do you still see her as much?

Firstly, I think “balance” is such a tricky word. I don’t know if I’m ever “balancing” everything—work, family, friends and myself—but I do try my best. Spending time with my daughter and husband is super-top-priority, so I’ve learned (and am still learning!) how to create boundaries. And saying no, which is so hard! My time feels more limited than ever, so getting in what is truly important to me in one day is challenging, but has become clearer than ever since I gave birth to my daughter, Dylan. And yes, I’m super close to my sisters (both of them), and I see my little one frequently because we work together!


Raissa Gerona and her revolve team in their spring Keds sneakers


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Pictured, from left to right: Anjeli in her Keds Champion Tie-Dye ($45) and Raissa in her Keds Champion Originals ($40); Coco in her Keds Champion Originals Leather ($50) and Lyss in her Keds Champion Spring Solids ($45)

It seems like you’re with your Revolve team 24/7, especially because you travel together. How do you balance being both a boss and a friend? Does that relationship ever get tricky?

It definitely can get tricky, but only if you let it! I always have to remember that first and foremost, we’re here to work, and the team understands that. I also think communication is key. We communicate A LOT, and I think that helps A LOT!

What’s the greatest challenge in your current role?

One of the biggest challenges in my role currently is slowing down! There are so many things we want to do and so many opportunities that everything can feel important and something we want to partake in. I think sitting back and understanding each opportunity, and picking and choosing what’s best for the brand—now and for the future—is a challenge.


The Revolve team hanging out on set


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You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, especially in your current role. How do you measure success?

As I’ve gotten older, the way I define and measure success has completely changed over time. When I was younger, it was centered around having things, buying things—very materialistic. Now the way I measure success is all about the time I get to spend with family, friends, and myself, plus the experiences we share together, whether that’s having dinner or going on vacation together. Success to me means feeling happy and fulfilled, and having gratitude for everything and everyone I have in my life.

People often think that working in fashion is glamourous 24/7. Do you think that’s true or a total misconception?

Total misconception! Fashion is a lot of hard work, and it’s not what you see on the ’gram. We’re not wearing four-inch heels all day and having glamorous meetings and parties. Instead, it’s long hours, lots of meetings and planning, and running around in our Keds!


The Revolve brand marketing team on set in their Keds sneakers


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Pictured, from left to right: Anjeli in her Keds Champion Tie-Dye ($45); Char in her Keds Champion Originals ($40); Raissa in her Keds Champion Originals ($40); Lyss in her Keds Champion Spring Solids ($45); Coco in her Keds Champion Originals Leather ($50)


The #1 most awesome part of my job is: The people I work with.

Building a strong team is important because: You can’t do it alone.

The most important things I look for when hiring are: Good questions, good answers, good vibes and energy, and good Instagram captions.

Surrounding yourself with strong women is important because: It’s so inspiring to be around women who love and know themselves.

In 10 years, I see myself: Still working a job I absolutely love and spending even more time with the people I love most.

My favorite part about working in fashion is: The great perks—clothes, events, parties, and shoes!

My favorite way to celebrate a big win at work is: High-fiving each other. And taking a tequila shot!

My favorite spring trend to wear with sneakers is: A dress!

Sneakers are a lifesaver because: They’re so comfortable. Also, Keds go with everything!

The key to pulling off sneakers with an otherwise bold/fancy look is: To keep everything else as simple and easy as possible.

I always wear sneakers when I: Hang out with my daughter on the weekends. I need to run around and chase her, but also still be super comfy and cute!


Psst—need new sneakers this spring? Keds has so many excellent options.

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