8 Pieces That Prove Feminine Can Be Fierce

We are all too familiar with that cool downtown girl who seems effortlessly edgy with an “I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer” attitude. Her uniform is enviably simple: a leather jacket casually draped over the shoulder, distressed denim, vintage accent pieces, slightly scuffed sneakers, and a smudge of eyeliner. 

Mixing a little grunge-chic into your weekly wardrobe repertoire can be a nice change of pace, as long as it doesn’t feel harsh or contrived. We suggest adding pretty pastel-hued details to soften the look, especially during the breezy springtime months.

And for that, we’re loving bebe’s spring collection of classic silhouettes featuring both edgy and delicate details. With unexpected embroidery, chic piping, lace, and ruffles, bebe’s latest season proves that feminine pieces can be tough.

Take a look below at our favorites from the collection and update your wardrobe just in time for the breezy spring season around the corner.