I'm Already Seeing Every NYC Girl Wear These 5 Spring Trends

One of my favorite things about living in New York is that the trends I see on my Instagram feed are also what I see on my fellow New Yorkers. Since we’ve officially entered into spring fashion, people all around the city have hung up their puffer coats and put away their Moon Boots embracing the warm weather. 

The classic spring trends of course reign supreme: casual denim, light-weight jackets, midi dresses, and sneakers. But this season, there are five trends I’m loving that are becoming favorites amongst other New Yorkers as well. If you know me, you know I love warm-weather fashion, so I was already excited to pull out my spring wardrobe—and these trends have taken my excitement to the next level.

Keep scrolling to see the spring trends myself and every other NYC girl will be wearing this spring.  

Low-Rise Everything 

I can’t get enough of this trend. Low-rise cargo pants, trouser pants, midi skirts—you name it. I recommend styling a loose-fitting low-rise pant with a cropped or fitted top to balance out the loose fit of the trouser. Wear this trend day or night. I’ve seen every fashion girl embracing low rise.

The raw hem paired with the low waist? Perfection. 

Micro Skirts

We’ve all seen the infamous Miu Miu ss22 micro skirts that graced the pages of virtually every editorial spread in the past few months, and what can I say? Micro skirts are here to stay. I’m not mad about it.

Major heart eyes for this tiny skirt. 

Adding to my "going out" closet immediately.

I wanna dance the night away in this mini. 

How cute are the ruffles on this?

Corset Tops

kit Keenan on instagram



Okay, I hate to pick favorites when it comes to trends, but this one might take the cake. Lately, every time I’m planning a look for a night out or a date night, I find myself reaching for a corset top. It’s such a flattering silhouette and can be styled in so many different ways.

Puff sleeve and corset top? Yeah, I’m obsessed. 

Adds the perfect touch of cool.

Date night or night out go-to. 

Bright Green

Warm-weather fashion means color! This saturated green shade is elevated yet fun and youthful. This shade can be seen on the runway as well as on many of your favorite influencers and fashion girls.

Perfect dress for vacation time. 

Who doesn’t love an oversize dress shirt?

'70s Influence

chase Marie on instagram



The ’70s are back! Fringe, bold prints, platforms, and bell bottoms are making their way back into our wardrobe, and I’m about it. This trend instantly makes me feel cooler. 

Boot-cut jeans add the perfect touch of ’70s.