Spring's Top Fashion Trends and the Beauty Looks to Wear With Them


The Style Stalker

The fashion and beauty worlds can, at times, seem worlds apart. As a fashion editor who works next to Who What Wear's beauty editors, I'll admit that sometimes their conversations about new products and formulas sound like they're actually speaking Japanese. I'm sure that's a two-way street when myself and the other fashion editors go on and on about emerging trends or buzzy new Instagram brands, but the fact is the two worlds are way more aligned than I ever gave them credit for.

Since half of getting ready involves putting clothes on and the other half involves a beauty routine, it's high time we talked about the two in tandem. And what better way to frame the two than to discuss the buzziest new trends—one for one. Are you game to test out the tie-dye trend? We have a killer beauty idea for you. Infatuated with the feathered brow look at the moment? Here's the fashion trend to wear with it.

Thanks to the help of our lovely beauty editors Erin and Amanda, I paired up each of the top fashion trends with the freshest spring beauty looks and broke down the key item to buy and try for each. Keep reading for your ultimate guide to fashion and beauty trends for spring 2019.