This Micro-Trend Is Really Weird, But I Think That's Why I Like It


The Style Stalker

We love a micro-trend moment here at Who What Wear, and while I typically prefer to report on the heavy hitters, this one micro-trend, in particular, tickled my fancy. It's also one that's a bit difficult to describe, so bear with me. As of late, I have noticed more and more pieces of clothing that look like they have been spliced together. In other words, these singular items look like they used to be two articles of clothing, but now they are one and they are living happily ever after. 

Clearly, this micro-trend is better explained via the product itself, which is why I have shopped out 20 items that embody the style I'm speaking of. Yes, this trend is weird, but sometimes weird is good, and the shopping selection ahead is definitely the good kind of weird if you ask me. This might not be the hottest trend on the market this fall, but it is certainly a product feature that has been bubbling up left and right from major brands including Natasha Zinko, Telfar, Andersson Bell, and more. Buy and wear any of the pieces ahead and you won't need to think about much else when it comes to your outfit that day because these spliced clothing items are pretty much all you'll need. 

If I owned this, I would wear it as a minidress.

Yep, these just might be the coolest pants I've ever seen.

This is definitely not your average shirtdress. 

This offers you the structure of a jacket with the comfort of a sweater.

In case you're missing your school days. 

This whole spliced-blazer thing really gets me going.

If you weren't ready to commit to a full-leather-pants look, I present to you: these.

This is a party top worth splurging on. 

BRB, turning all my clothes inside out from now on.

Just when you thought plaid midi skirts were drab.

This is definitely the mildest of the bunch but still very much a part of this mini trend.

This skirt will get you tons of compliments, hands down.

Kind of preppy in all the right ways.

For just $99, you're basically getting two pairs of pants in one… kind of… sort of. 

Finally, trousers worth getting excited about.

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