Gray Malin's New Splendid Collaboration Perfectly Encapsulates Summer

No one captures the feeling of a worry-free summer at the beach quite like Gray Malin… Some of his most notable pieces are stunning aerial shots of lust-worthy vacation spots from around the world. It feels only natural, then, that his latest collaboration with Splendid perfectly encapsulates summer dressing.

Full of breezy dresses, laid-back tees, and bright printed shorts, the looks are carefree, comfortable, and perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit or effortlessly dressing up for a warm summer night. We interviewed Malin to learn the full inspiration behind the collab, as well as some of the famous places that inspired the looks.

Spoiler alert: Expansive beach aerials and colorful umbrellas sprinkling the Italian Riviera definitely played a prominent role. Scroll to read his thoughts (and feel free to book a one-way ticket to the tropical destination of your choice in the process).

Gray Malin x Splendid Collaboration



WHO WHAT WEAR: What inspired you when creating this collection?

GRAY MALIN: The inspiration for the collection really began by immersing myself and Splendid's design team in my expansive beach aerial series, À la Plage, to identify images that really translated into something wearable. Whether honing in on colorful beach umbrellas sprinkling the Italian Riviera or sunbathers enjoying a day in the Hawaiian sun, we focused on images that really popped. From there, it was about incorporating Splendid's classic silhouettes and key styles to evoke vacation vibes for your everyday lifestyle.

How did you blend fashion and photography for this collection?

Our goal was to create a collection of clothing that transports one directly into getaway mode. To do this, we combined Splendid's approachable take on luxury and my brand's mission, "Make every day a getaway." The Waikiki Beach Postcard Tee is the perfect example, as it's quite literally a wearable vacation with my aerial photograph of this celebrated Hawaiian beach adorning a casual yet polished tee. Collectively rooted in the universal idea of the beach, every piece in this line reflects the joyful bliss of a relaxing day in the sun.

Where's your favorite spot to photograph, and how did it inspire this collection?

Whether it be crowded, secluded, famous, or private, my favorite "spot" to photograph is the beach; thus, it was my photography series of beach aerials that played the biggest inspirational role in this collection.

If you had one destination left to visit, where would it be?

If I were to select one destination to revisit over and over again, it would be the muse of my upcoming coffee table book, ITALY. Needless to say, I'm unabashedly fond of Italy's stunning coastline and am forever inspired by its beauty. As for somewhere I've yet to explore, I'd have to say New Zealand. It's absolutely at the top of my list.

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