I Know Exactly Which Ankle Boots to Wear With Every Single Outfit

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Marta of The Style Thesaurus knows how important having a good pair of shoes is, especially living in Manchester. "It rains here all the time, so a good pair of shoes is a must!" she explains. But with juggling a career in the civil service and blogging on the side, Martha has to work extra-hard on her wardrobe, and she admits that there isn't a holy grail—a singular boot style or shoe style—that can do it all when there are so many demands at play. "I don't really believe in one size fits all, so I try to have a few options and not just rely on one pair… My full-time job takes up a lot of my time, and I have to travel. I cannot be walking around in heels, and this is where a good pair of boots come in handy." 

As such, we couldn't think of a more suitable—and suitably chic—candidate to show us precisely how to style up the latest collection from Sorel for everyone else who's on the go and just wants some easy, cool solutions for when the centigrade dips. The footwear brand's autumn- and winter-friendly boot range is more expansive than you might realise, offering up iterations that can blend seamlessly into your go-to, everyday looks, whether you're busy taking names at work or heading out for drinks down the pub come 6 p.m. 


(Image credit: Marta of The Style Thesaurus)

"Right now this outfit is totally weather-appropriate, and this is exactly what you would see people wearing this season," says Marta of her chunky ankle boots, statement jeans and cosy orange sweater. Casual but still statement, this combo is trending all over Pinterest right now.

(Image credit: Marta of The Style Thesaurus)

"The Sorel boots had a big influence on my choice of outfit," says Marta, adding that there's something about any iteration of a biker boot that always feels cooler than other options out there.


(Image credit: Marta of The Style Thesaurus)

"I wanted to wear something suitable for the weather," explains Marta—the umbrella gives it away what kind of climate we're often dealing with here in the UK. "so I choose the sweater and the matching skirt to go along with. I added the pink socks because I wanted a little bit of contrast on my look." And a dull day does call for brighter fashion choices, right?

(Image credit: Marta of The Style Thesaurus)

"The boots really give the final edge the outfit needed—I think this look works perfectly for me because the heels are a little high but comfortable," says Marta. If you've been looking for the perfect go-to-work-and-look-smart boots, here they are.

"I am not sure if the look would have worked with flat boots," explains Marta, confirming what we've often suspected of the longer-line midaxi hem length. Truth is, flatter boots look better with a shorter skirt or full maxi. 


(Image credit: Marta of The Style Thesaurus)

"I think this outfit is the chameleon! I can go out with this look almost anywhere," says Marta. And that's often the joy of a jeans-and-tee look, especially when you add some grown-up boots and a posh coat into the mix. "I can go from day out with friends and family to a date," says Marta, noting that her ensemble also works perfectly fine for a more casual office. 


(Image credit: Marta of The Style Thesaurus)

"Although I want to be casual, I also want to stand out at the same time," says Marta of all of her winter looks pictured here. Sticking to neutral colours with a host of orange (a colour that's popping now, but set to be big in 2019 also) is a safe combination with mix 'n' match accessories and boots that were made for walking.

Never be stuck for cool winter outfit inspiration again—shop Sorel's full collection here.

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