Dermatologists Agree—Using This Product Every Day Is the Key to Great Skin

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As a beauty editor, I'm fortunate in that I get to speak to the very best experts in the field on all things skincare. And as someone who has experienced both acne and eczema throughout my career, I've sat in the offices of several dermatologists—both as a journalist and a patient—and I've had firsthand recommendations on how to look after my skin's health. But I've also picked up plenty of tips on how I can make my skin look its best, too. Now in my late 20s, I want to ensure I can keep my skin looking as good as possible into the future, so I'm always curious to know what the pros recommend when it comes to skincare.

If there is one piece of advice that dermatologists unanimously agree on, it's that we should all be wearing SPF. Every. Single. Day. With UV rays accounting for around 80% of skin ageing, wearing sunscreen is one of the simplest and easiest steps to take now that will pay dividends in the future. It reduces your risk of skin cancer from exposure to the sun, and also prevents sun damage, wrinkles and pigmentation, to name but a few other benefits. It's one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to invest in your skin.

"As dermatologists, number one on our list of recommendations is always sunscreen," says Dr Jason Thomson, head of medical at Skin + Me. "The sun’s rays are the primary cause of skin cancer, which can be deadly if not caught early. As the sun’s damaging and prematurely ageing UVA rays are constant throughout the year, it means a broad-spectrum sunscreen is always important."


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So, how do you find a good SPF? The best SPF for you is the one that you actually want to wear every day, which is why finding the right formula is key. So many SPFs can feel heavy or greasy or can clog your pores, but thankfully, SPF formulas have come a really long way. Skin + Me Sunscreen has been developed with dermatologists to ensure a broad-spectrum formula that shields from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 50 and a lightweight texture, which is great worn alone or underneath makeup.

"I recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen (which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays) with at least SPF 30 and a good UVA rating," says Dr Thomson. "UVA is present consistently throughout the year and can penetrate clouds and windows, so if you want to stop premature skin ageing, I’d advise applying sunscreen all year round as part of your morning skincare routine."


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Skin + Me's Sunscreen formula ticks all of these boxes. It's also oil-free so it won't exacerbate acne, and it works across all skin tones because the formula dries down clear, meaning you're not left with a white cast. And, it also makes for a great makeup primer. You'll also find that this SPF contains niacinamide (an antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of pores whilst fortifying the skin's barrier) and vitamin E, which also helps to shield the skin from pollutants.

The SPF is ideal to use in conjunction with Skin + Me's personalised skin treatments, which are designed to meet your skin's specific needs. You'll received a bespoke, dermatologist-approved treatment in the post to help address acne, rosacea, melasma and hyperpigmentation. Once you take the free online consultation and submit a few photos, Skin + Me's dermatology team will personally review your answers and photos. If you’re eligible for treatment, they’ll create a tailored treatment plan that evolves with your skin over time, and includes powerful active ingredients.

As these treatments can cause skin to become more light sensitive, using an SPF in your routine is a must. The Skin + Me Sunscreen perfectly supports whatever treatment plan you are undergoing, but it's also great for everyday use. The brand also offers cleanser and moisturiser options to support you on your treatment journey.

If you want to try a treatment plan for yourself, new customers can use the code WWWEAR to get your first month of personalised skincare for only £4.99 (usually £29.99) plus a free SPF trial. You can begin your skincare consultation here and unlock your best skin yet.

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