7 Outfits That Convinced Me I'm Ready to Be a Sk8er Girl

I don't skate. In fact, skateboards are actually one of my biggest fears—don't ask. With that being said, I have no problem being a poser and dressing like the sk8er girl I'll never be. This newfound obsession with all things skate-related started when I began to see the trend bubble up on Instagram. It felt like every other post from the copious amounts of influencers I follow included some sort of checkerboard print, seatbelt belts, utility pants, cool tees, and more. The obvious next step for me was to copy them and buy as many skater pieces as possible.

I wanted to share some of my favorite skater outfits with you below so you can really understand the content that's been fueling my obsession. So far I own a few of the items needed to re-create their vibes (shown in the last two pictures), but I'm definitely on the hunt for more and have included my personal picks among the looks I'm loving. Ready to make Avril Lavigne proud?

The last two photos are proof that I am accepting this trend with open arms and I hope you will too.