Inside the Vibrant Singapore Fashion Scene

More and more, the Singapore fashion scene has been making its way onto our radar. The uptick in attention might be attributed to everything from the growing number of designers and models hailing from the area or even the anticipation of this summer’s Crazy Rich Asians—a fashion-centric film that highlights the opulent lives of the Singapore elite. Regardless of the reason, we have our focus set there, and it’s on one fashion girl in particular—Yoyo Cao.

A veteran of the street style scene, Cao is synonymous with fashion in Singapore. Not only does she have seriously cool style that garners upward of 324,000 followers on her Instagram (@yoyokulala), but she is also the founder of Singapore-based womenswear label Exhibit—a fashion brand that turns out modern and minimal pieces. Ahead, we’re getting to know the style icon a little better, finding out what makes the fashion scene in Singapore so vibrant, and tapping into Cao’s unique personal style.