20 Simple Fall Wedding Dresses That Aren't Boring

Weddings are pretty spectacular, no matter the venue or season. Whether they're inside a church, in city hall, or at the destination of your dreams, nothing is quite as magnificent as your big day. However, despite all the big celebrations, it's your prerogative to opt for a simpler route. And especially when it comes to your dress.

If you dream more about a simple silhouette and minimal (or no) frills, stay the course when planning your wedding this fall. Becuase, as expected, there are so many stylish options that have nothing to do with cupcake-shaped silhouettes and crystals galore. Plus, when you look back at your photos, you won't be left to wonder why you chose a dress that didn't feel you.

Keep on reading to see 20 simple fall wedding dresses that make a different type of statement.

Opening Image: BLHDN.