Trendsetters Are Already Shopping This Jewelry



We write about Instagram trends a lot. But you can't count on photos alone to drive what's going to be the next big thing. That's a fact I was reminded of earlier this year when I sat down at breakfast with BaubleBar's Co-Founder and CMO Daniella Yacobovsky. We were talking about some of the jewelry brand's most popular pieces and I was surprised to hear her mention the fact that the brand had seen a change. After years of gold jewelry dominating, people wanted silver. "We have noticed a large surge in searches for silver on our site so far this year, starting around January or February, Yacobovsky recaps via email. We introduced two of our most popular styles [in silver] and they sold out in under 24 hours and built up a large waiting list."

The funny thing about this trend is that while there's clearly demand, the shift hasn't quite caught on with the same momentum according to the pictures. While I found a handful of inspiring pictures from women who are mixing metals and making a switch from gold to silver, it hasn't oversaturated social media (as can often happen). On that note, I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to style silver now along with a little shopping. Read on to check it all off.