We Bet You Never Thought You'd Relive This '80s Trend

Fashion and history often go hand-in-hand, and as the saying goes, fashion tends to repeat itself. We’ve seen this happen with the comeback of the flared jeans from the ’70s and minimalist pieces of the ’90s. Naturally, an ’80s redux was bound to happen, and let us tell you It’s happening. If the increasing popularity of scrunchies wasn’t enough to tell you this decade is officially back, we’ve got another kicker for you: Shoulder pads have returned.

Whether you’re just now experiencing the decade’s iconic trends, or you enjoyed them the first time around (and prefer they stay in the past), we certainly wouldn’t have predicted the return of broad, padded shoulders in this lifetime. That being said, despite our hesitancy to admit it, the 2018 version of the trend is looking as chic as ever. Hear us out…

While the trend may seem cringe-worthy as we look through photos from the past, you can’t deny that big shoulders create the illusion of armor for the modern woman, and what better time to embrace your strength than now? Ahead, we’ve rounded up everything you could want to wear with shoulder pads to show the world the badass woman you are—because you’ve earned it. Check them out below.


Leave it to Attico to make shoulder pads cool.

If you weren't sure whether the '80s were back, this will prove it.

Throw this on over a chic camisole.


A stylish dress with shoulder pads is so good for your upcoming formal events.

Wear this to the next fall wedding on your calendar.


A print you can wear for almost any occasion.

Wear this with a pair of vintage-inspired jeans.


You can wear this with anything.

Yes, you need this leopard-print blazer.

Lavender is so good for fall.

Ready or not, prepare to see this trend everywhere.

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