How to Wear Shorts When You're Over Age 30

If you've ever questioned if it's suitable to wear cutoff shorts after age 30, how short is too short, or what to wear with shorts in your 30s, this one's for you. We're well into the dog days of summer at this point, and if you've recently stepped outside wearing anything that covers your legs, you've probably noticed that shorts are a crucial wardrobe component (unless you like the feeling of your legs suffocating).

The celebrity set loves a good pair of shorts (especially the Los Angeles dwellers), so we turned our attention to those stylish women in their 30s who frequently wear them, to show us how to do it right. Surprisingly, our research proved that according to celebs, cutoffs (even quite short ones) are totally achievable for anyone, although some favor more tailored options. The secret to success lies in what you wear them with. In your 20s, it may have been NBD to just throw on an untucked T-shirt and go, but in your 30s, the key is to pair shorts with polished tops, jackets, belts, and shoes for a more sophisticated look. Want a visual example?

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