The Only Shorts-and-Sandals Combinations You Need to Know

Summer is the season where we become extremely crafty when it comes to styling our favorite shorts and sandals. After all, when you're trying to survive a heatwave or feel comfortable when traveling, you can't go wrong with the classic summer outfit formula. And while you might think you've tried all the styling combinations there are, we've uncovered tons more ways to wear shorts and sandals that utilize both emerging trends and old favorites ripe for a return. Below, we rounded up all the best shorts-and-sandals combinations we'll be re-creating ASAP.

Instead of cutting your new thrifted jeans into short-shorts, give Bermuda shorts a try.

Then try layering your Bermuda shorts with a fun checkered scarf. Yes, you read that correclty.

Monochrome all the way. 

Fun matching prints, no?

Add a pop of color to your classic denim-and–white top combination with a pair of bright slides. 

The one outfit you need to pack for your travels. 

Elevate your ripped denim shorts–and-sandals combination with a quirky puff-sleeve blouse.

Say hello to our new vacation uniform. 

Tone down your mixed-print ensemble by sticking to classic black sandals.

Socks and sandals get a bad rep that they simply don't deserve.

Exercise shorts, but make it fashion with a pair of slide kitten heeled sandals. 

Slightly baggy denim shorts go perfectly with your floral ruffled top. 

Not your typical spa-day outfit (but it could be).

We bet you didn't know you needed a pair of fluffy sandals.

For when you want to give your little white dress a break. 

If you didn't know, now you know. 

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