A Celeb Photographer Reveals the Best Ways to Pose If You're Short

Learning ways to look more photogenic is never a bad idea… because the more you know, right? From the tilt trick Kendall Jenner swears by to the perfect lighting choice for your selfie, it’s all about the little tricks when it comes to looking your best in a photo. Selfies aside, today we’re focusing on how to appear taller in photos that other people take. Whether you’re short and looking for the best ways to pose or simply want to know how to fool the eye, we’ve got all the answers you need on how to work the camera.

To weigh in on the topic, we reached out to celebrity photographer Mike Coppola from Getty Images for his expert advice. From behind the lens, he has captured the likes of Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian West, and Alexa Chung to name a few. Coppola shared simple tips (that make a major difference) on things like posture and position to ensure you look long and lean the next time you’re posing for a photo. Intrigued?

Scroll down for five ways to give yourself extra height in photos.

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage