I'm Cripplingly Indecisive—This Shopping Trick Saved My Closet

The other day I looked into my closet and saw an amalgamation of lime green organza, purple floral print, and yellow tie-dye. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these things on their own, but upon closer inspection, I realized that what I had was a closet made up of hyper-specific pieces. As in, a top that only goes with that one skirt and so forth. You can imagine that it makes putting outfits together infinitely harder.

I say “cripplingly indecisive” because I find myself getting stuck in these tiny, seemingly insignificant decisions. Do I choose the white top or the pink floral top? Wide leg or cropped? Like I said, these aren’t earth-shattering decisions. But what they amount to is either forgoing any decision at all (i.e., passing up on that cute top) or making a quick panic-informed decision and have to live with the consequences later (i.e., ordering a bright floral maxi dress only to find out that it doesn’t go with anything I own). I haven’t gone totally crazy—hear me out. It turns out that there may be a sweet spot for the number of choices we have to make in a day. Studies show that sometimes the fewer choices we have, the more likely we are to be happy.

It’s the same psychology that supports building a capsule wardrobe as a seriously effective way to streamline your closet (and hone in on your personal style). Below I'm sharing what I learned to help me start shopping smarter and how I was finally able to build an effective wardrobe that went together and finally felt like me.