How I Outsmarted the Trend Cycle and Overcame the Need to Buy It All

The speed at which trends emerge and then dissipate is pretty alarming. In the age of Instagram and social media celebrities, there's an immense pressure to keep up with the newest It item, be it a new bag, shoe trend, or a new denim shape. After all, we live in a "see now, buy now" culture where everything is made available for purchase the instant you first see it. This kind of trend whiplash is exhausting both mentally and financially—who has the budget to be shopping all the time?

It's something I call "trend anxiety", and I'll bet you've also felt it at some point too. It's the feeling I get when I see someone über stylish and automatically feel the need to have a version of what they're wearing right this second. When I experience "trend anxiety", my brain does this fun thing where it puts together outfits from what I already own with the missing piece I'm lusting after.

I've found a trick for cutting through all the trend noise and overcoming the need to buy everything in sight. It's saved me tons of times from making an impulse purchase, and luckily, it couldn't be simpler to implement.

Now you're better equipped to decide which pieces are really worth investing in.