The Only Australian Store Where You Can Shop This Little-Known NYC Brand

I'm always on the hunt for new and interesting labels. On a recent visit to Désordre in Sydney, I discovered Orseund Iris—and then started seeing it pop up all over my Instagram feed. The label's now-famous corset featured in Who What Wear's The Spring Issue on Emma Roberts, Emily Ratajkowski has been spotted in it, and fashion girls alike can't get enough of the label's silk shirts. 

Like many fashion brands in 2017, Orseund Iris started to see success through social media, and is part of a new wave of designers, opting to create seasonless collections. NYC-based designer Alana Johnson explained to W Magazine, "I realised I could do fashion my way. There's freedom in not being constrained by the season-based cycle. I love this idea to solely hone in on each design, rather than trying the seasonal collection route, which can be a bit daunting as a young designer". The reason it's all over your Instagram feed? Each piece has staying power, because it's been so well-thought out.

Right now, you can shop the label exclusively via Sydney's Désordre, in store and online. Scroll down to peep the label, and shop our favourite pieces. 

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Amanda Bardas