The Shoes Fashion People Won't Ever Wear Again

The saying goes, "If the shoe fits, wear it." But for many of us, there are certain shoes we won't put on again, no matter how chic they may be. All it takes is one evening in cramped stilettos to learn our lesson: The shoe may fit, but it still may not be worth it. Even fashion editors—women who have mastered the art of finding the best of the best—sometimes get it wrong (and pay the consequences). 

So what footwear have women in the know given up on entirely? We tapped a handful of editors from within the fashion industry to share the shoes they won't ever wear again. Their insightful answers run the gamut, but all touch on one important fact: It's important to be comfortable in the shoes you're in—stilettos, sandals, or otherwise.

Read on for their responses and shop shoes to wear instead!