Shackets Are the Really Fun Trend to Wear (and Say) This Fall

Hybrid clothing—think sneaker boots and sneaker sandals—have a bit of a polarizing quality. The two-in-one identity can veer toward either genius or gimmick, depending who you ask. I happen to feel the shacket trend falls squarely in the former.

What is a shacket? Think of it as either a very lightweight jacket that can be fastened up and function as a shirt, or a heavier-weight shirt that serves as outerwear. Frankly, it’s kind of a fun word to say, too. Over the past month or so, as weather (especially on the East Coast) has moved from sort of chilly to borderline freezing, I’ve started to see more of the in-between, multifunctional piece more, specifically in denser fabrics like corduroy and shearling. The reason it’s so appealing is its ability to transition between seasons with ease; one month it can be worn over a tank, and the next it’s piled under a peacoat.

Below, take a look at the transitional piece that’s key for layering or wearing solo. Your shacket, your call.