Serena Williams Takes on Vouge’s 73 Questions

Hot off the heels of her Wimbledon victory, Serena Williams sat down with Vogue for a round of its "73 Questions" series. The tennis champ answered all of the rapid-fire questions that covered everything from how many matches she's played (she estimates over 1000!) to the sport she'd love to master and the one thing she's "terrible" at (hint: It's a sport). 

In the style portion, we see Serena switching up her Nike high-tops for a pair of chic stilettos as she admits that her favorite piece of clothing is shoes and describes her personal style as "confident." If she wasn't a tennis pro, the all-star athlete says she would want to be a fashion designer (which she kind of already is). When it comes to her favorite fashion tip, Serena keeps it real and says, "Be you, wear your style, and be confident." And although Serena has killer fashion taste on and off the court, she wants to raid one woman's closet "Definitely Mariah Carey," she declared. "She has amazing shoes." 

Check out the entire video of her Vogue interview below and keep scrolling to shop our pick from her fashion line.

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Opening Image: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

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