Your September Horoscope Is Here—and It's Mind-Blowing

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Hi all, and happy September! We find ourselves in Virgo season, an excellent time to take care of our health, our work in the world, and each other. The astrological weather this month urges us to pay attention to practical matters and take care of our lives, step by step. If there is anything we have been avoiding, now is a great time to take practical and even methodical steps to make our lives work for us. Virgo urges practicality and centeredness to move ahead.

Read on to see what the stars have to say about your unique sign this month!

Hi, Aries! For September, you are invited to get a bit deep and slow down. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. A morning meditation or yoga practice can also be a great idea. Letting go of any old patterns or habits that weigh you down will make you feel amazing this month, Aries. It’s time to rid yourself of whatever doesn’t empower you for the rest of the year! You feel more capable now than ever to make lasting changes.

Hi, Taurus! You are center stage this month, and it’s a great time to grind away at your personal dreams and projects. A reinvention of your style, look, or hairstyle could feel rejuvenating. Be bold, take risks, and innovate in all that you do this month. Do not be afraid to be authentically you. Enjoy, Taurus!

Hi, Gemini! September is a money and security month for you. Rather than moving about, you may feel more inclined to focus on the slow, steady rise to the top. Anything you can do this month to take care of your finances is great, whether that is saving a bit, curbing spending habits, or making a financial goal to stick to for the rest of the year. You are in a solid place to secure plans and implement them.

Hi, Cancer! This month, you might be busier than usual, so I hope you took my advice from my August column and did a bit of resting. Short-distance traveling, socializing, and communication color the month of September for you. If there’s a new part of town you’d like to explore or a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, gather your friends and have some local adventures. Enjoy yourself!

Hi, Leo! After a very festive and eventful birthday month, in September you may find yourself wanting to relax and spend a bit more time in your home sector than usual. Beautifying your home, upgrading your bed or mattress, buying more plants, and taking the occasional nap can make for a great month for you. Anything that helps you slow down and relax is also highlighted; try guided meditations on YouTube, or play peaceful music in your house this month.

Happy birthday, Virgo! This is your month to have fun! Make sure to take time for the lighter sides of life. I know you like to hustle, so make sure to do something that speaks to your joy and happiness. Nurturing your creativity, flirting, spending time with children, and enjoying romance are all highlighted for you this month, Virgo. Enjoy yourself, and happiest of birthdays to you!

Hi, Libra! For September, it’s time to balance out your work and health routines. Taking time to care for yourself is extremely important for you this month. Making sure that your work schedule isn’t taking over your life is also wildly important. In what realistic ways can you balance out these two important parts of your life? Morning yoga or some form of exercise, a good breakfast, and then to work is a great way to start. Think self-care and balance this month, Libra!

Hi, Scorpio! This month we focus on partnerships of all kinds for you. You may feel more likely to want to partner up on projects or ventures. New relationships may also form, whether they be romantic or business. You could find that relationships really harmonize and balance themselves out this month. Forgiveness is another highlighted theme for you this month, Scorpio, so if there’s anyone you need to forgive or communicate with in some way, go for it. Forgiving someone isn’t always for their benefit, but more for your health and well-being.

Hi, Sagittarius! This month, you get a little deeper than usual. Meditation, yoga, and plenty of sleep could be excellent ways to get into the vibe of September. Releasing old habits, patterns, or people who aren’t supportive or healthy can also be a theme this month. Additionally, this transit highlights intimacy and sensuality, so exploring and celebrating your sexuality with someone you trust is great. Be aware of yourself and what makes you tick this month, Sagittarius.

Hi, Capricorn! If you have any travel plans you’ve been wanting to implement, September is a great time to do so! Consider going somewhere you’ve never been before. If you don’t have the time to go out of the country anytime soon, perhaps just try something new and different: learning a new language, taking a new class, or doing something out of your typical routine are all highlighted. Enjoy, Capricorn!

Hi, Aquarius! September marks a career-centric month for you. You may feel in the mood to really hustle hard and put your best foot forward when it comes to your career and work goals. A promotion or a shift of career paths could even be in the works. According to astrology, you are highly visible at this time of year, so enjoy the extra attention, and shine bright. Making new goals and beginning to implement them can also be highlighted for you this month.

Hi, Pisces! September is a month of daydreaming, planning, and socializing with friends for you. What are your life goals and dreams? What are you looking forward to? Who supports you in your life and champions your visions for the future? Examine and take inventory of these facets of your life this month. If you feel like it, you can even make a vision board with images that inspire you to move you in the direction you’d truly like to go. Enjoy, Pisces!

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