How to Get Rid of Unwanted Christmas Gifts Without Anyone Finding Out

Picture the scene: It's Christmas day, and you've opened up your presents only to realise that the jumper your mum bought you and that perfume your dad gave you aren't really to your taste. But not wanting to hurt their feelings, you don't ask for the gift receipt. So what can you do to save time while also getting rid of unwanted Christmas presents? This is where we come in.


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We've curated a list of handy sites that make it easy to sell your unwanted gifts. From eBay to Amazon, as well as sites like Vestiare Collective and Facebook's marketplace tool, there are plenty of places to do a quick sell, and your family members will be none the wiser. Keep scrolling for our picks for the best sites to sell unwanted Christmas gifts right now.


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We probably don't need to tell you much about eBay, as you probably already know about it (unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 21 years). Essentially, you can sell anything on the site, although we'd recommend that you stick to works of art, jewellery, memorabilia, and beauty goods.

Pro tip: Remember how much it will cost you to send it, but also consider that you can sell anything on eBay, so you might be surprised at what someone is willing to pay for. 

Vestiare Collective 

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The virtual shelves of Vestiare Collective are crammed full of new and vintage designer items, as well as more high-end high-street stores. So if you've been given clothes that don't quite suit you, we suggest you try using this site, as the VC team ensure that all pieces are verified.

Pro tip: Take a great picture of the item(s) you're selling, and try not to get sucked into shopping. 


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If Instagram and eBay had a hip younger sister, it would be Depop. It works just like any other selling site or app, but seeing as it's used mainly by under-30s, the imagery of the items you want to sell need more treatment, much like you'd give those on your Instagram feed, as the demographic expect as such. Users can like and share your pieces, too. 

Pro tip: You can often command a higher price on Depop than the likes of Gumtree, so aim high, and stipulate if you're open to offers. 

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From experience, the classifieds site Gumtree is a great place to sell unwanted items of furniture. The system is easy to use, and often prospective buyers will contact you fairly quickly thanks to its popularity. 

Pro tip: Make sure you have your region stated clearly, and consider how you're going to get your furniture to the buyer. Best idea for that? Get them to collect.


If you don't know about Freecyle, we suggest you get on this stat. It's a place to get rid of everything you don't want. However, note that this is a more altruistic affair, as you won't get any payment for the items you're getting rid of (the clue is in the name). 

Pro tip: Only get rid of stuff that actually works. It's only fair.


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Perhaps rather predictably, we suggest that the best items to sell on Amazon are books. We've all been there: Christmas comes and you end up being blessed with three copies of the same book (Gone Girl, we're looking at you). Quite often, you've probably already read the book and the gifter doesn't have the receipt. So turn to the biggest bookseller on the planet to help. 

Pro tip: Use Amazon's Sell Your Stuff tool to do it easiest. 


A more unconventional method of selling unwanted goods is using Facebook's new selling tool. If you scroll down on your left-hand side on your FB tabs, you'll find the "Buy and Sell" tab; click on this and find your area group to sell unwanted goods, from clothes to furniture, as well as iPhones and even cars. 

Pro tip: Make sure the person who gave you the item isn't on Facebook. 

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