An Obvious (but Smart) Trick for Warming Yourself Up Quickly

If you live in a place that gets especially cold during the winter months, you are likely familiar with those warm little bags of delight called HotHands: You open them, shake them, and drop them in your gloves or socks. They warm your hands and other extremities almost instantly.

The reason those little guys work so efficiently is because of the pulse points in your wrist, ankles, etc. These are the areas where your blood vessels run close to your skin and you can warm up your blood and thereby your overall body temperature faster. Shout-out to our friends over at SheFinds for devising a fashion-driven method inspired by the genius of HotHands!

Because your neck is one of those areas where your blood vessels live close to the surface, wrapping up in an oversize scarf is the fastest and most stylish way to get warm when temperatures drop. Thick knits work best for this, but really any giant scarf will do.

Click through the gallery below to shop some of our favorite cozy scarves now!

Do you have any sartorial tricks for staying warm during the winter months? Share them in the comments below!

Opening Image: Just Another Fashion Blog

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