We Found Your New Favorite Top (and It's Eco-Friendly)

Welcome to our New Website series, where twice a month, we'll be featuring an e-retailer that we love and know our readers will too. Whether it's an old but under-the-radar favorite or a newly-launched label, you'll want to report back to your friends with these finds (or maybe keep them to yourself)!

You may remember that earlier this summer, we gave you a brief introduction to Saul, the L.A.–based and eco-friendly shopping site and brand. However, as the site has only been picking up steam, we decided we needed to know more about the line of cool-girl essentials, and thought you'd appreciate some intel too! So, we tapped the brand's founder and owner, Yasmine Farimani to answer some of our most burning questions—from what makes the brand actually eco-friendly, to how being based in L.A. affects their aesthetic, to what their single most popular piece is (it's a good one).

Scroll through to read the full interview, and then continue to shop our top picks from Saul!

Do you have any favorite sites you'd like to see featured next? Share them with us in the comments!

Opening Image: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème