You Won't Believe Sarah Jessica Parker's New TV Role

It's happened: Sarah Jessica Parker has officially signed on for her first leading television role since she left behind her much-beloved portrayal of Carrie in HBO's Sex and the CityParker has signed on to play a the lead in the forthcoming series Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Loveaccording to BuzzFeed.

The biggest deal: her upcoming role is a big departure from the fashion-obsessed, slightly neurotic Bradshaw. Like Sex and the City, Busted is based on a true story, albeit a very different one--it focuses on two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who in 2010 wrote a series of investigative reports on the corruption rife within the Philadelphia police department. Parker will be playing one of the journalists.

As she did for Carrie, we hope and expect Parker will turn this role into an Olivia Pope-esque one: a career woman who just also happens to know how to dress extremely well. 

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