Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Juicy Details About Her New HBO Show

Back in November, we got our very first look at Sarah Jessica Parker's new HBO show, Divorce, via paparazzi photos taken on set. As we inch closer to the October 9 premiere date, we finally have juicy new details about the show, courtesy of SJP herself. 

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Parker appeared at a press event for the Television Critics Association and clarified that her new show will not be a Sex and the City reboot. "From the moment I read the pilot, she was so distinct from not only Carrie, but any character I've ever played," she said at the event. "I don't think that we actually talked a lot about trying to make her different. This story is different. I was always interested in the story of marriage. That's how this all started. By virtue of just that interest alone, it was automatically different."

Parker also dished about her character's wardrobe. "I really wanted to think about '70s cinema,” Parker told reporters at the event. "Pretty much everything Frances wears is used, whether it's from Etsy, vintage, or thrift shops along the northeast corridor." Suffice to say that her character will not be the new Carrie Bradshaw, but we're excited nonetheless. 

Scroll down to see a new teaser for Sarah Jessica Parker's new HBO show, Divorce!

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