You're Not Imagining It: This Bag Shape Is Everywhere Right Now


(Image credit: Getty Images)

For the past couple of seasons, we've been on the lookout for what would overtake the bucket as the next ubiquitous bag shape. Now, it seems like there may be a worthy contender—and odds are you've already seen it starting to take over.

Round bags have been on our most-wanted lists ever since Mansur Gavriel launched its hat-box inspired Circle Bag last year, but this summer, brands have embraced the silhouette en masse, and we're finding them very hard to resist.

Most of our favorites for the season feature practical crossbody straps—and the ones that don't, well, they're worth the extra effort of toting around. Pick one the size of a CD (remember those?) for lighter loads, or scale up to haul around a whole day's worth of stuff.

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite circle bags of the season, from woven wicker crossbody bags to embellished leather shoulder bags.

Hilary George-Parkin