Confirmed: This Is the Chicest Mediterranean Getaway on Instagram

Of all the dream getaways flooding your Instagram feed on an hourly basis, Rocky Barnes's trip to Corsica just might top the list. She attended the Calvi on the Rocks electronic music festival with cult French brand Ba&sh, and naturally, her 'grams were insanely stylish. So what does one pack for a Mediterranean getaway with 1.3 million followers waiting to see what you'll wear?

"For summer travel trips, I tend to go a little brighter and a little more adventurous with my wardrobe," Barnes told us. "It's crazy how much better things look barefoot on the beach with a good tan. I also love layering on the accessories. When you are wearing next to nothing on the beach, accessories have their time to shine!"

Scroll down to see the three must-have items she packed for Corsica.