What It's Really Like to Go on a Revolve Trip

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So what's it like to go on a #REVOLVEaroundtheworld trip? Welcome to the first editor's perspective. Spoiler alert: It's even more incredible than the photos look. I'll be honest when I found out Revolve was inviting an editor for the first time on one of their trips and that our EIC Kat Collings couldn't attend so I was going, I was checked out for the rest of the day (don't worry, it's was nearly 5 p.m. at the office). My mind was already on the island thinking about the amazing content opportunities and bonding with the group of hard-working, strong, and supportive women that Revolve trips bring together.

The Turks and Caicos trip marks the 14th Revolve around the world trip and the largest crew they've ever hosted and the first time they've invited an editor, so it was an unforgettable experience, to say the least.The Turks crew included models like Hailey Clauson, Charlotte McKinney, Rocky Barnes, and Olivia Culpo and influencers like Tash Oakley, Devin Brugman, Janni Deler, and Mary Seng (to name a few). Which, in social numbers, the crew on this trip pulls in 21M+ followers combined.

It's no secret that Revolve hosts top-notch trips and parties, but today I'm sharing what goes on behind the scenes and insider details on what it takes to pull off a #REVOLVEaroundtheworld trip. Five nights in Turks and Caicos with 13 influencers and models. Here we go!


Days before the trip, Revolve's team sent over the tentative itinerary along with the brands to wear and themes for each night. They let me pick out selects to wear (like this matching set that I'm obsessed with), so needless to say, packing was a breeze for me. The team typically gets the activation destination a day before the slew of models, influencers, and photographers to set the scene and make sure each girl's room is equipped with the appropriate clothes for the week. For this trip, they also used the master closet at Villa Stark as a mini showroom stocking it with extra clothes from the vacation collection for each girl to pull for the day. (To get an idea of how much clothes we're talking here, the brand marketing team alone flew with 14 bags of luggage).

For the next four days, myself plus the influencers would be decked out in the latest designs from Tularosa, Beach Riot, Lovers+Friends, GRLFRND, and NBD. All exclusively sold on Revolve and designed for its vacation collection, which was inspired by the trip's destination: Turks and Caicos.

Each activity throughout the day is planned and paired with a brand so the team and influencers can get that content and post in real time, which means there are several outfit changes throughout each day. For example, Monday was Beach Riot day and then that evening it was NBD night. This allows everyone to shoot a plethora of content and then turn out edits and selects quickly and get them on social and their site within hours. While the influencers are responsible for a certain amount of posts, the Revolve team is also behind the scenes working and posting photos on six to eight different accounts and updating their homepage with the imagery from day's activities (like Jet Skis, bikinis, yachts—more on that, just keep reading).


On the first day, some of the crew was still arriving, so half the group went to the beach for a day of Jet Skiing, and the others chilled back at the Villa. I went with the Jet Ski crew and enjoyed a day of sun, the prettiest blue water, and watched photographer Kevin Ipalari work it with Charlotte McKinney, Mary Seng, and Anastasia Karanikolaou in Beach Riot swimsuits. Once all the models wrapped with their shots, I had some fun with Raissa Gerona and Justine Cuenco from Revolve and worked our best bond girls pose with Charlotte. Let me tell you, I've never arched so much for photos in my life and it makes all the difference… the more you know, right? For dinner, everyone headed to the Gansevoort resort wearing NBD. See some of my favorite moments from day one below.


The sunny weather took a turn, and we hit a gloomy streak for the rest of the trip, but the gloom made for the great lighting in photos (silver lining, okay?). So we started day two with an amazing yoga session on the balcony at the Villa, and then we changed into Rococo Sand and GRLFRND for the most Instagrammable beachside lunch. For dinner, we enjoyed a night at the beautiful Amanyara resort dressed in Lovers + Friends. Check out my favorite day two moments below.


Boat day, I quickly learned is everyone's favorite day. We cruised on two yachts, listened to a rad playlist (curated by Anna Tran from Revolve's team), ate THE best jerk chicken, and wore all white of course for the 'gram. It gets better: We then took Jet Skis out to a private island for a photoshoot wearing Lovers + Friends and Tularosa swim. Boat day did not disappoint. Watch the below clip by Jon Olsson (Janni's boyfriend) for a peek inside our day (full clip here).


We started the day with a blush-themed brunch at the resort, and then we had some time to hang, relax, post photos, and get the 'grams up. It was a prime relaxation day with massages at the Villa, and then we all kicked it into gear for our farewell dinner wearing Tularosa. See my favorite day four grams below.


Yes, it's nonstop content creating—everywhere you look, someone's creating or staging a photo. It's all a photo op. I swear at one point I caught myself even reaching for my phone consciously and perhaps slightly posed because the content is everywhere (only slightly kidding). And yes, I learned the art of arching for photos thanks to Alyssa Rara from Revolve's team who is a pro at posing the girls on these trips. (My back should be back to normal by Monday.)

But, above all, I got a firsthand look at how much hard work goes into these activations that produce the most covetable Instagrams and content. The trip is the definition of work hard, play hard. Raissa put it perfectly, "#REVOLVEaroundtheworld brings beautiful, smart, supportive, confident, entrepreneurial women together. No matter where they're from or who they are, they always have one thing in common—everyone works hard—at everything! From building their business empires to having long-distance relationships to having a healthy, sexy body—all of it requires hard work."

I couldn't agree more, I left the island with new friendships and incredible memories and feeling quite inspired by the women on the trip and refreshed to see how important supporting each other is a priority for each of them. I hear the goal is to host a Revolve activation trip once a month, so until next time…

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This press trip was paid for by Revolve. Editors' opinions are their own.